Peacemaker: James Gunn Teases One More The Suicide Squad Character Could Appear

Before The Suicide Squad premiered it had already spawned a spinoff TV series with John Cena's [...]

Before The Suicide Squad premiered it had already spawned a spinoff TV series with John Cena's Peacemaker headed to HBO Max in the first part of 2022. It was previously unclear where that series would take place in relation to the DC Comics movie but the film's final post-credit scene revealed that the show will be set after the events of The Suicide Squad. Taking part in a virtual watch party/Q&A for the movie tonight writer/director James Gunn was asked which of the characters in the film we could expect to see in the Peacemaker show and he had a tease up his sleeve.

In a reply on Twitter, Gunn wrote: "Peacemaker, Emilia Harcourt, John Economos and, well, heck maybe one more," he buttoned his message with the Grimacing face emoji. Some fans were quick to point to another tweet Gunn made tonight about a specific character in the film, perhaps alluding to the fact that they could be the one that appears. As Gunn wrote, "Important to note if you look at the life signals in the Comms hub TDK isn't dead." TDK is the character played by Nathan Fillion in the film, whose name stands for The Detachable Kid and whose powers are simply that his arms can come unattached and float away to attack enemies. Fillion responded to the news that he was still alive seemingly with surprise, replying: "I noticed that very loudly when I saw this in the theater. Apologies again, for the disturbance. "

If we might offer an alternate theory, perhaps the seed for which character will be in the series was planted in the film and we're thinking it's David Dastmalchian. You might be thinking, but Polka Dot Man died, which is correct; but when Abner is explaining his condition he notes that he had siblings, brothers and sisters, all of whom were experimented on by his mother. Perhaps Dastmalchian will appear in the series, albeit playing the sibling of his character, but that's just us guessing.

"Through the story, you learn where Peacemaker came from," Gunn told Variety about Peacemaker's place in the DCEU timeline. "There's a moment in [The Suicide Squad] where Bloodsport talks about his father and what his father was like, and you cut to a shot of Peacemaker, and Peacemaker nods. That's the seed of the entire Peacemaker series."

Starring John Cena, Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Chukwudi Iwuji, Jennifer Holland, Steve Agee, and Freddie Stroma, Peacemaker premieres January 2022 on HBO Max.