HBO Max Launching Peacemaker Companion Podcast

Peace is coming to HBO Max, both as a TV series and as a new companion podcast. James Gunn and DC are teaming up for Peacemaker, an eight-episode series spinning out of the events of The Suicide Squad, which debuts on HBO Max this Thursday. Ahead of the premiere, HBO Max has announced a partnership with Rooster Teeth to produce Podly, Peacemaker's official companion podcast.

Podly will be available as a video podcast on HBO Max and YouTube, as well as on audio-only formats like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The series will be an after show for Peacemaker each week, hosted by Fiona Nova and Ify Nwadiwe. Each episode will have guest stars from the series with Gunn participating in the first show.

"As a big fan of DC, I'm excited to dig into this show with Ify," Nova said in a statement. 

"I'm thrilled we get to explore this character and uncover his backstory for fans," Nwadiwe added. "Fiona and I are going to have so much fun; we're both really excited to collaborate on this show."

Podly will accompany Peacemaker throughout its entire run, which is currently set to last just eight episodes. There hasn't been any news of a potential second season, but executive producer Peter Safran recently told that he's hopeful there will be more Peacemaker in the future. At this point, it seems like it all depends on whether or not Gunn has an idea for another installment.

"No. Other than in the same way that we weren't going to make even a first season, unless James felt like he could do something unique that was not like anything else on television," Safran told us. "I don't think there's going to be a season two unless James can come up with the creative on it that would really flip the script, that would really be something different. He really does not want to repeat himself ever. And I do know that working with John and the rest of the crew and cast was such a special experience for James. He loved every minute of it. So if we could figure out the creative, I would hope there would be a second season."

Are you excited to check out Podly after new episodes of Peacemaker are released? Let us know in the comments!