Peacemaker's Jennifer Holland and Steve Agee Talk Reprising Their The Suicide Squad Roles in HBO Max Series

HBO Max's DC Comics series Peacemaker brings back John Cena as Peacemaker, the character he played in The Suicide Squad. However, he's not the only returning  The Suicide Squad cast member. Peacemaker also stars The Suicide Squad's Jennifer Holland as Emilia Harcourt and Steve Agee as John Economos. They were both support team members on the Suicide Squad's mission to Corto Maltese, who eventually rebelled against Amanda Waller's orders. With Peacemaker premiering on HBO Max this week (here's when you can watch), Holland and Agee spoke to about reprising their The Suicide Squad roles for the HBO Max series.

"He was pretty relatable to me," Agee says of his character, Economos, who played the role of "the guy in the chair" in The Suicide Squad. "I'm a guy who's at his computer most days when I have the free time. And it was also just very exciting to play a guy who, at certain instances, was kind of forced to go out of his comfort zone and confront people and be physical. I related to all that. I related to not wanting to have to fight somebody or go out. And also, I related to being the butt of everyone's jokes. He perfectly described my high school experience. So it was a pretty perfect character for me."

For Holland, playing Harcourt is an opportunity to expand on an underdeveloped character from the DC Comics universe. "Oh gosh. I feel like I'm going to sound like a broken record, but I was just so excited to explore everything about her," Holland says. "I think I was excited to explore her flaws and her strengths, but probably the thing I was most excited about was the physicality of the role because I'd never really gotten to really dive into a role that was so physical in any of my past work, so getting to go to all of the fight training and the stunt training and work with the incredible stunt team. John Cena's stunt double, Spencer, I worked with him tirelessly. He was constantly standing in for whatever actor I was going to be working with. And he was just great. And my stunt double, Yulia, was incredible. I love her so much. She makes me look so badass on this show. But yes, so probably the physicality and the fights and shooting the guns and all of that stuff."

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Peacemaker's first three episodes arrive on HBO Max on January 13th.