Alfred Meets Thomas Wayne in New 'Pennyworth' Series Teaser

Epix is taking the story of one of Batman's biggest allies back to the beginning, long before Bruce Wayne was even born. Pennyworth tells the story of Alfred Pennyworth as a man in his 20's, following his years as a soldier in England. Ahead of the show's release this summer, Epix has unveiled a new teaser hinting at this thrilling origin story. You can watch it in the video above!

Though only 30 seconds long, this teaser starts laying the groundwork for the story of the series, as Alfred (Jack Bannon) meets Bruce's father, Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge), for the first time. This action essentially kicks off the series, as Thomas offers Alfred a job with his private security company. As we know, the two form an unshakable bond over their years together and Alfred eventually plays a big part in raising Bruce Thomas is killed.

Pennyworth won't deal with the introduction of Bruce, though. It's set entirely in 1960s London and tells more of a classic spy story than a comic book origin.

In fact, executive producers Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller, who also helped bring Gotham to life, have likened their new series to James Bond and Harry Palmer films.

"I went back and watched Michael Caine's Harry Palmer movies, and the first couple of James Bond movies, because going back to that Cold War kind of story telling I liked going back into this period because all of our Berlin movies and Russian espionage movies, it was like the British version of westerns." Cannon told us earlier this year. "Like there was a wild west quality to the Cold War. Because after the war was done, we knew that there was a nuclear bomb, and we were capable of terrible things, but the spying and the style in which it was done, and the dignity with which it was done, and the charm with which it was done I thought all reminded me of what Bruno had been talking about. So going back to those movies, and watching what was good about Michael Caine back there was he didn't hide his accent. And the fact that Harry Palmer was very unpopular, but he just got the job done. Because he called everything as it was. His feet were firmly placed in the ground, he'd look people in the eye and I really appreciated that, James Bond, same thing too."

What do you think of this new Pennyworth teaser? Are you looking forward to the show? Let us know in the comments!

Pennyworth debuts on July 28th.



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