Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Shares Early Green Lantern Prototype Mask

Ryan Reynolds now has the Deadpool franchise to carry him along to higher heights in his career, [...]

Ryan Reynolds now has the Deadpool franchise to carry him along to higher heights in his career, but that anti-hero blockbuster breakout film was actually a 'third time's the charm' situation. Reynolds first tried to a much different (read: dumber) version of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine; before he hopped the fence to the DC Comics side, trying his hand a leading a superhero franchise with Green Lantern in 2011. The results were infamously bad, but as you can see below, his current success has allowed Reynolds to look back and laugh at his Green Lantern misstep:

Reynolds has never stopped throwing jabs at Green Lantern in all his years since doing the film - whether via social media posts like the one above, or through mentions and jokes in his actual films. Deadpool was chock-full of Green Lantern and X-Men Origins references - and the costume was singled out especially, in a scene where Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) begs for his superhero costume to not be rendered in CGI.

Indeed, Green Lantern will forever be remembered for the way that it attempted to usher-in an era of computer-generated superhero costumes, where standard laytex and padding would've been sufficient - even effective, on a guy with Reynolds' physique. Thankfully, the cost, effort, and backlash were so strong that Hollywood has since titled away from going all-CGI in the costume department - the sole exception being those heroes and costumes that actually make sense to depict in CGI - like Cyborg in Justice League. Then again, Justice League also committed the crime of trying to alter Superman's facial hair using CGI, and failed miserably at that, while still pulling off visual feats like Cyborg and Flash. So maybe it's all just a crap shoot...

Right now, Reynolds is gearing up for Deadpool 2's release. Word is that the film had to undergo reshoots after some disappointing early test screenings. While the reshoots have been verified, the official reason for them has not yet been confirmed. So it could be to fix things that are wrong, or simply enhance things that are working right. One thing we can pretty much guarantee: those reshoots aren't because of costume problems (again).

The X-Men Movie Universe continues with Deadpool 2 on May 18th; X-Men: Dark Phoenix on November 2nd; and The New Mutants on February 22, 2019.