Shazam! Fury of the Gods Star Teases Plenty of Comedy in the DC Sequel

The first live-action Shazam! movie was quite different from many of the other films in the DCEU [...]

The first live-action Shazam! movie was quite different from many of the other films in the DCEU when it was released back in 2019, opting for a much lighter tone and comedic energy than the franchise's previous entries. Now, a couple of years later, writer/director David F. Sandberg and his cast and crew are hard at work bringing a sequel to life, Shazam! Fury of the Gods. While the film will likely be bigger in scope and heavier in action compared to its predecessor, it looks like the team is also doubling down on the comedy.

Actor Jack Dylan Grazer is returning to play Freddy Freeman, the foster brother of Billy Batson who knows everything there is to know about the life of a superhero. sat down with Grazer recently to talk about his role in Pixar's latest film, Luca, and he offered a little tease about what fans can expect from Fury of the Gods.

"I'm in Atlanta right now filming Shazam 2 and it's going wonderfully. It's so fun," Grazer told us. "[Zachary Levi]'s new costume is awesome. This one is so funny and we really got a lot of freedom in this one. We're able to get away with a lot. It's really fun. Great cast, Helen Mirren is in it. Rachel Zegler from the new West Side Story, Lucy Liu. It's a great cast."

Grazer mentioned multiple times how funny the new Shazam! movie is, as well as how much freedom the cast and crew are being given to have fun with it. Given the tone of the first movie, followed by its widespread critical acclaim, it comes as no surprise that they're aiming to make another comedy. However, based on Grazer's words, it seems as though the team is diving even deeper into the comedic tone this time around.

The Shazam! sequel is also going to be much bigger than the original. During a recent Q&A with fans online, Sandberg wrote that the "scope is definitely bigger than the first movie."

Are you looking forward to seeing what's in store for the Shazam! sequel as production continues? Let us know in the comments!

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is scheduled to hit theaters on June 2, 2023. You can watch the full interview with Jack Dylan Grazer in the video above.