'Shazam!' Stars Go Head-to-Head Over Classic DC Comics Trivia

A new hero is about to take center stage in the DC Comics movie universe, but this one is unique in that the title role will be shared by two actors. Both Asher Angel and Zachary Levi star in Shazam!, in which the younger gets transformed into the older after saying the magic word.

So with two stars vying for audiences attentions, the obvious path to take would be pitting them against each other and making the actors compete for our affections. And that's exactly what Nickelodeon made them do, with co-star Jack Dylan Frazer playing the moderator. Watch their showdown in the clip above.

Fans have been wondering about the state of the DC movie universe ever since Justice League came and went, leaving many disappointed in its wake. But Aquaman gave fans a good idea of what to expect, especially since the movie paid respects to the events before but forged its own path forward.

Shazam! will be a part of the DC film universe, but it will make its own way much like Aquaman did.

"Well this movie's mostly just about introducing Billy Batson and Shazam and who he is, how he came to be," Sandberg said to ComicBook.com during our set visit. "It takes place in this DC world where all these heroes exist, but in some ways it's both sort of self contained while also being a part of something bigger, but, yeah. That's a non-answer."

The director added "it's very standalone," and that "You don't have to have seen any of the other films, because it's its own contained story. It is more the world of it that's part of a story."

Despite the fact that Shazam! stands alone, Levi promised that the film will very much be a part of the established shared universe.


"Our movie takes place very squarely in the DC Universe. In fact, I would argue that we’re kind of the most self-aware of it because the movies that we all watch — I mean, Aquaman and Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman — they're all basically documentaries in their world," Levi told Entertainment Tonight. "These things, these are all real events that have happened. Batman and Superman fighting, Superman saving all of Metropolis, whilst simultaneously destroying the entire city — that all really happened."

Fans can see how it all ties together when Shazam! premieres in theaters on April 5th.