'Smallville's Tom Welling Defends Not Wearing Superman's Suit in Finale

Smallville fans who had expected to see Tom Welling suit up as Superman during the series' finale were disappointed. So disappointed that, even six years after the finale Tom Welling is still defending his choice to not don the Man of Steel's iconic suit.

The actor, who is now appearing on Fox's Lucifer, said on the daytime talk show The Talk on Friday not only was there a specific reason why he didn't dress out as Superman for the series finale, but that he still thinks he made the right choice.

"One of the things when we started the show was that it was going to be about Clark in high school," Welling said. "It was not going to be about Superman. So, at the end of the series, it was about trying to put Clark in the position where you knew he was going to become Superman, but you couldn't go with him. But we hope the fans felt like it was good that they knew Clark was out there being Superman."

Unfortunately, Welling's hope that fans understood and just went on with the belief in Clark as Superman didn't exactly pan out. When the two-part Smallville finale aired all fans got to see of the Man of Steel was a CGI creation from a distance and a few brief seconds of Welling's Clark Kent opening his shirt to reveal the "S" on his chest. The lack of a big Superman reveal was so disappointing for fans that this isn't the first time Welling has had to speak out about the decision. He defended the decision to Entertainment Weekly earlier this year as well.

And the lack of Superman in Smallville's finale isn't the only disappointment fans have had when it comes to Welling and the iconic superhero character. When Supergirl debuted, man hoped that Welling would make a guest appearance as Kara Danvers' super cousin and was even offered the opportunity, but he turned it down explaining that he didn't want to play Clark Kent again.

As for Smallville's lack of Superman, Welling did have one more reason that the show didn't take have him suit up as the Man of Steel.


"I wasn't exactly excited with the idea of getting into tights anyways, so it worked out," Welling said.

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