Space Jam: A New Legacy Features Justice League Cartoon Cameos

Space Jam: A New Legacy has an appearance from the Justice League in it. The DC Comics heroes [...]

Space Jam: A New Legacy has an appearance from the Justice League in it. The DC Comics heroes weren't just going to sit out LeBron James and the Looney Tunes' latest adventure. *Spoilers ahead for the Space Jam sequel.* Over the course of the film, the NBA star, and his animated friends are looking for players to field a team. (LeBron is trying to stack the deck, in a fun bit of metacommentary on how people perceive his career.) So, he quickly goes looking for both Superman and Batman with Bugs Bunny. Well, they arrive on the DC Universe planet in the Warner Bros. Server verse and things only get zanier from there.

Once on the ground dressed like Batman and Robin, the dynamic duo try to help stop a runaway train. Of course, the wacky shenanigans of Daffy Duck and Porky Pig doom this little excursion. Superman comes in to make a last-minute save and admonish the toons for putting the people of Metropolis at risk. (There are some other fun inclusions here like Alfred, Jimmy Olsen, and of course Lois Lane.) The entire League is aware of this nonsense and none too pleased with the Lakers forward. So, they leave that world empty-handed.

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(Photo: Warner Bros.)

But, that isn't the only DC Comics inclusion here. When the Tune Squad finds Lola she's on Themyscira, training to become an Amazon warrior. That means Wonder Woman is there to give grand speeches and riff on Patty Jenkins' film. So, if you love comic book heroes and villains, there are some radical nods there for you. A lot of the conversation leading into the film centered around just how much Warner Bros. promotion seemed to be integral to the film.

These kinds of nods got a big reaction out of some of the early screenings and people are tweeting their approval on social media. Still, there are numerous viewers voicing their displeasure about the entire thing. But, time will tell if audiences care about that or not. For now, it seems to be a fun family movie that kids will enjoy and film critics will be less than kind too. That's pretty hilarious when you consider that was the primary reception to the original Space Jam when it premiered in 1996.

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