Stargirl Showrunner Says The Flash Appearance Sets Up Future Arrowverse Crossovers

DC's Stargirl will have its first Arrowverse crossover of sorts in its upcoming Season 2 when Jay [...]

DC's Stargirl will have its first Arrowverse crossover of sorts in its upcoming Season 2 when Jay Wesley Shipp guest stars as Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick in a pivotal flashback episode. With Shipp also playing the speedster on another Arrowverse series, The Flash, the appearance serves as a crossover between the two shows despite the fact that thanks to the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Stargirl's Earth-2 and The Flash's Earth-Prime are separate realities that don't even realize the other exists. However, according to DC's Stargirl creator Geoff Johns, Shipp's appearance on the series doesn't just directly connect the series to the larger Arrowverse, it sets up for future crossovers as well.

During a recent press event attended by, Johns explained that Ship's Jay Garrick directly connects Stargirl to the rest of the Arrowverse shows and that he hopes that future crossovers will be done in a "very special Stargirl way."

"It opens up the door to opportunities for us to eventually interact with those characters," Johns said. "And that was important, just like the comics, and when we do do it, we'll do it in a hopefully very special Stargirl way."

The idea of Stargirl crossing over with the Arrowverse is something that Johns has previously said that he is completely open to. Last year, shortly after the series debut, Johns spoke about the possibilities crossovers offered in terms of telling stories from comics history and more.

"We're completely open to it," Johns said at the time. "There's so many possibilities. You know, clearly, we're set on Earth-2, so we're on our own Earth, much like the comic books. We're set on Earth-2, and it gives us the room to tell our history and story, but also the opportunity in the future to do anything in the comic books or to always cross over with other places. Conversations have been had, but it's all a matter of when it makes sense and if we have the best story."

DC's Stargirl returns for its second season on Tuesday, August 10th at 8/7c on The CW.