James Gunn in Talks to Direct, Write 'Suicide Squad 2'

In a major turn, it looks like another superhero studio is looking to bring James Gunn back into the fold. After being removed from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, it seems like the director is in talks to write and direct Suicide Squad 2 for DC Films and Warner Bros. Picture.

According to a report from The Wrap, it looks like Gunn is being looked at by DC Films to bolster its superhero franchise. Suicide Squad 2 is one of several projects the DCEU has in the works, but no director has been confirmed for the project as of yet. Gavin O'Connor was reported to be overseeing the film in a previous report, but it looks like Warner Bros. Pictures isn't quite final on that decision as of yet. At first, it was thought that Suicide Squad director David Ayer would oversee the film, but he jumped over to work on Gotham City Sirens instead.

Right now, the script for the sequel is being finalized now that its first draft is finished. According to Todd Stashwick, a co-writer on Suicide Squad 2, the script came together nicely with David Bar Katz and O'Connor. However, if Gunn is brought in, it seems likely the director-screenwriter will be tasked with overhauling the script entirely.

For fans, this decision is a surprising one, and it comes on the heels of Gunn's ongoing debacle with Disney. For those unaware, the director was publicly removed from directing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 earlier this year after a series of controversial tweets from Gunn resurfaced. The sudden ousting led fans to rally behind Gunn, asking for Disney and Marvel Studios to reconsider their position. The cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 even released a letter asking for the decision to be evaluated again and shared it with fans on social media.

"It is our hope that what has transpired can serve as an example for all of us to realize the enormous responsibility we have to ourselves and to each other regarding the use of our written words when we etch them in digital stone; that we as a society may learn from this experience and in the future will think twice before we decide what we want to express; and in so learning perhaps can harness this capability to help and heal instead of hurting each other," the letter reads.


However, recent reports doubled down on Disney's decision to fire Gunn. While it appears the sequel will be using the director's original script, Gunn will not be tasked with directing the third Guardians of the Galaxy film, and the project has been delayed as such. Now, it looks like Warner Bros. Picture is hoping to turn Gunn to its team following his fallout with Disney, and Suicide Squad 2 could be the window for the director to jump back into the superhero game.

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