Azie Tesfai Talks Kelly's Journey, Stepping Into Her Power on Supergirl

Supergirl returns tonight for the remaining episodes of its sixth and final season, and while The [...]

Supergirl returns tonight for the remaining episodes of its sixth and final season, and while The CW series will bring its titular heroine back to National City after a long exile in the Phantom Zone, she isn't the only hero going through a transformation. Kelly Olsen is also on a journey in Season 6 and will, as the season progresses, take up the mantle of Guardian left behind by her brother James. It's a major moment for Kelly and while there are some who may not have seen that coming, Azie Tesfai says that Kelly is finally stepping into her purpose — and that it's something fans have been rallying for all along.

"You know what's funny about that, is I think the fans did because I can tag the Guardian arc for the last two and a half years pretty much," Tesfai recently told "And I could never say anything about it in seeing it, but they have really rallied in so much of what she's become in the multidimensional layers of her as a character, and her being a superhero, and this new career path for her, and what's the empathy that shows within Kelly. I feel like a lot of that has come through the fans being so vocal, which, to me, makes it even better."

She continued, "I think it's Kelly finally stepping into her purpose and what she realizes is her destiny in so many ways."

Kelly's purpose and destiny go beyond just the story on the screen, however. Tesfai served as a co-writer on an upcoming episode centering on Kelly's story and Tesfai explained that Kelly's story is as much about seeing that character step up as it is about Tesfai as a woman stepping into her own power as well.

"You know, me personally feeling empowered to have such a hand on the story arc, and the episode that I got to co-write particularly, and my character stepping in her power as a woman, as a gay woman, as a Black woman, it wasn't lost on me," she said. "I think that we, Kelly and I both, were finding our footing and finding our voice, and using it at the same time, which was emotional and powerful and changed me forever, and how I see who I am. And so, I think, when the fans do see this arc, it isn't just watching Kelly step into her power. It's watching me, Azie as a person, stepping into my own power as a Black woman. And so it does mean a lot to me."

Supergirl airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW. The series returns with "Welcome Back, Kara!" August 24th.