Supergirl Finale: What Happened to Lex Luthor?

On Tuesday night, Supergirl ended after six seasons bringing to a close this chapter of The CW's Arrowverse. It also saw an end to the enduring battles between Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer). Heading into the two-episode finale event, the stakes were higher than ever, with Lex poised to gain ultimate power as the pursuit of the All Stone neared its end, but the finale hour, "Kara", saw a resolution to not only this latest challenge, but may have settled things for good.

Warning: spoilers for the series finale of Supergirl, "Kara", below.

After being dumped by Nyxly (Peta Sergeant) in "The Last Gauntlet" Lex Luthor decided to obtain the All Stone for itself. That led to the pair battling it out with one another across National City, depowering humanity in the process. After the Super Friends managed to empower humanity and, in turn, depower the All Stone, Nyxly and Lex teamed up to take the heroes down, unleashing various threats against them. Lex thought he had the battle won, opening a portal to the Phantom Zone and unleashing Phantoms on National City once again.

However, instead of the Phantoms attacking the heroes and citizens, they turned on Nyxly and Lex. It turns out that hubris is nothing more than a cover for fear, the thing that Phantoms feed on. The Phantoms end up snatching up both Nyxly and Lex and carrying them away into the Phantom Zone. It feels like a fitting end for the villain who has long bullied and used fear to intimidate others into doing his will. That said, Cryer himself does still jokingly wish that Lex could have been victorious in the end.

"Obviously, I wish that Lex had frankly won," Cryer joked in a recent interview with "I was pitching to Jessica Queller. I said, 'I mean, this is the end of Supergirl. Why can't Lex just win? She's done. He won. How about that? You haven't seen that on a superhero show, that the bad guy just wins.' But sadly, no, they did not go for that."

Even with Lex defeated, Cryer said he loves how the fans responded to his take on the iconic character.

"I love that fans have been so great to this version of Lex," Cryer said. "We wanted to do something closer to the comics, and I really think we nailed that. I'm just amazed, because on social media, when it was announced that I was playing the character, there was people who were...shall we say skeptical? Thankfully when the show started, when they actually gave me a chance, they've been amazing since then. I'm so grateful for that, and I loved being a part of the Arrowverse."

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