Henry Cavill and Zachary Levi Weigh in on Who Wins a Fight Between Superman and Shazam!

In the world of comic books, some of our favorite heroes turn on one another when they clash over a course of action, leading fans to theorize who would come out on top in massive bouts. According to DC Extended Universe star Henry Cavill and Zachary Levi, were Superman and Shazam to ever clash, Shazam would win the duel.

"Shazam's got magic, which is allegedly — comic book lore-wise — Superman's weakness, or he's at least more vulnerable to it than other things," Cavill shared with Yahoo!. "Superman isn't going to just be beating up Shazam. He's not. And Shazam is basically just a big kid. So he's not going to be beating up Superman. He's a huge fan of Superman, for one. But Supes is seriously quick. I think it's whoever gets the jump on the other. It's situational."

Cavill plays Superman in the DCEU, which would make one think he would root for his own character to win, though, in the vein of his character, the actor chose truth over personal bias.

Levi plays Shazam and, whether it was out of his pride for the character or through comprehensive theorizing, agreed that the magical character could defeat Superman.

"Shazam is magic," Levi noted. "So I think we're team Shazam."

In 2016, Cavill starred in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a duel between two of DC Comics' biggest heroes who were coming together on screen for the first time. Cavill noted that, were Batman to somehow get involved in the battle, it would drastically alter the dynamic.

"Well, if it's three guys fighting, Batman has a chance," the actor pointed out. "Because Shazam and Superman are going to focus on each other. And that's when Batman gets all his sneaky stuff in."

In Batman v Superman, it is difficult to determine a winner, as the bout was interrupted by Lex Luthor's monstrous creation that resulted in the duo teaming up to subdue the threat, with Wonder Woman lending assistance. Prior to this agreement, Batman and Superman came to a bizarre stalemate following the realization that each of their mothers was named "Martha," giving the pair a middle ground of which they thought they were devoid.

Batman and Superman were last seen together in Justice League, with no definitive project announced in which we'll see them share the screen in the future.

Shazam! hits theaters on April 5, 2019.


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