Swamp Thing Actor Derek Mears Supports the Effort to Save DC Universe Series

Less than a week after Swamp Thing premiered on DC Universe, word came out that the horror series [...]

Less than a week after Swamp Thing premiered on DC Universe, word came out that the horror series had already been cancelled as Warner Media readjusted their focus in the wake of being purchased by AT&T. Then rumors began to fly of tax breaks and mistakes with reimbursements, causing wild speculation about the nature of funding for the fan-favorite series.

Swamp Thing has since proven to be a hit among fans, which makes the fact that a second season will not be in the works so much more disappointing. But actor Derek Mears, who portrays Swampy himself, is looking on the bright side. Mears told ScreenRant that he's thankful for the opportunity.

"I had to kind of let go as an artist because I can't control any of that and I can just think the cup is half full because we did get to do the vision that James Wan originally had for doing a hard R horror drama for adults. And I'm very happy with that," Mears said.

The actor was then asked about the #SaveSwampThing campaign, which has caused thousands of fans to plead for Warner Media and DC Universe to revive the series for new episodes.

"I like to go through it and - I've never been a part of something, anything I create or I'm a part of, I always expect 50% are going to like it, 50% are going to like it because it's art and it's subjective, but I haven't been a part of something where the majority of the response is being embraced and loved by the fans," Mears explained. "Being that I love it, I'll go in and check some of the hashtags and see what people are saying."

He added, "The thing that I love about everyone trying to do the save Swamp Thing hashtag is that they kind of police their own going, 'Don't be a jerk about it. We're going to be polite and we're not going to bash people, but we're going to move forward and try to make this a movement.' I'm like, that mindset alone just tells me the quality of people that will watch the show and makes me want to reach out or work harder to pacify them because they have the right mindset and that should be rewarded and it's a positive one and not a destructive one and I applaud that."

We'll see if Swamp Thing fans can actually save the series as it continues in its firss (and only) season on DC Universe, with new episodes premiering every Friday.