Teen Titans Go! Nominated For Emmy Award

The lovable group of heroes known as the Teen Titans Go! are one of DC's most popular teams, and now they're getting a nomination at the Emmys. Teen Titans Go! is nominated for the Outstanding Short Form Animated Program, specifically for the episode Nostalgia Is Not A Substitute For An Actual Story. Teen Titans Go! will be up against Netflix's Love, Death, & Robots, Cartoon Network's own Robot Chicken and Steven Universe, and Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants. You can check out all the information for the Outstanding Short Form Animated Program nominees below.

Love, Death & Robots - The Witness - Netflix

Robot Chicken - Why Is It Wet? - Adult Swim

SpongeBob SquarePants - Plankton Paranoia - Nickelodeon

Steven Universe - Reunited - Cartoon Network

Teen Titans Go! - Nostalgia Is Not A Substitute For An Actual Story - Cartoon Network

Teen Titans Go! has been nominated twice in the category before, but has yet to win. In 2018 Teen Titans Go! The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular! Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 lost to Robot Chicken and the episode Freshly Baked: The Robot Chicken Santa Claus Pot Cookie Freakout Special: Special Edition. That year it was also against Adventure Time (Ring of Fire), Steven Universe (Jungle Moon), and We Bare Bears (Hurricane Hal).

In 2017 Teen Titans Go! was nominated again for its episode Orangins, but lost to the Adventure Time episode Islands Part 4: Imaginary Resources. That year it was also up against Disney's Mickey Mouse (Split Decision), Marvel's Rocket & Groot (Space Walk), and Steven Universe (Mr. Greg).

Who knows, maybe this third year in a row will be the charm, and Teen Titans Go! will finally grab an Emmy for its mantle.

Fans can see the Teen Titans in action once more in Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans, which will have the two teams facing off and teaming up in a new movie. You can check out the official description below.


"In TEEN TITANS GO! vs TEEN TITANS, villains from each of their universe join forces to pit the Titan teams against each other.They'll need to set aside their differences and work together to combat Trigon, Hexagon, and Santa to save the multiverse."