DC Reveals How The Batman Who Laughs Can See Through His Mask

The Batman Who Laughs has made his presence known throughout the DC universe for the past year or so, but the doppelganger has quite a lot of mystery surrounding him. Thankfully, one question surrounding the character has finally been answered.

Spoilers for The Batman Who Laughs #4 below! Only look if you want to know!

The latest issue of Scott Snyder and Jock's miniseries further explained one detail surrounding the evil Bruce Wayne -- particularly, exactly how he can see from that pretty precarious visor. As one page of the issue explained, the visor is forged out of dark metal, which allows him to both see outside of the visor and see through the entire dark multiverse.

(Photo: DC Comics)

In a way, this answer does fit the rather extravagant world of The Batman Who Laughs, while also proving to be pretty obvious at the same time. Considering the approach that the creative team has taken on the series, that does make sense.

"It really is freeing, so I do feel like I'm getting to territories that feels unchartered and brand new for me." Scott Snyder told ComicBook.com before the book's launch. "It embraces a kind of nightmare-ish, cosmic element that is expansive where as where I began on Black Mirror with Jock I was just getting my feet under me and I had a story that was really personal."

"I wanted to tell but it was intensely grounded, like intensely Gotham -- gritty street corners and shadows, and now I've been all over the DCU and done things that have been taking me to the Source Wall and beyond, and coming back I almost feel like a older, wiser writer and in some way this is a spiritual successor to that book." Snyder continued. "It has the same characters, it has a lot of connections to it, but it's a more terrifyingly expansive investigation of some of the same ideas."

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The Batman Who Laughs #4 is available now.