A Flash Villain Is Defeated in a Brutal Way in The Flash #77

The Flash is currently juggling a lot in his solo series, and it looks like the latest issue included a macabre moment for a fan-favorite rogue. Spoilers for The Flash #77 below! Only look if you want to know!

In addition to dealing with more Year of the Villain set-up, the issue saw Barry and company attempting to fight off Black Flash. As their fight with the evil speedster waged on, Barry realized that he would need to contact and warn other Force users of what was to come. First, Barry traveled Fuerza, a Strength Force user trying to protect a ship off the coast of Corto Maltese. When Barry arrived, Fuerza was locked in a fight with none other than King Shark.

the flash 77 king shark 1
(Photo: DC Comics)

Barry tried to reason with Fuerza, while her battle with King Shark and the pirates waged on. At one point, King Shark jumped out of the water and bit Fuerza's arm, which she responded to by cracking his jaw open with her bare hands.

the flash 77 king shark 2
(Photo: DC Comics)

While King Shark remarked about his jaw being broken, Fuerza threw him overboard, and he was not seen for the remainder of the issue.

the flash 77 king shark 3
(Photo: DC Comics)

There's no telling what this means for King Shark's immediate future in the DC universe, although it's safe to assume that he survived the injury and subsequent fall in some capacity. And even if he didn't survive, the fact that Steve Agee is set to voice King Shark in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad would hopefully lead to the character returning between now and 2021.


The Flash #77 is available in stores now. Issue #78 will be released on September 11th.