'The Flash's Grant Gustin Comments on Andrew Kreisberg's Sexual Assault Allegations

Over the last few weeks, Hollywood found itself in the middle of a scandal which has since turned [...]

Over the last few weeks, Hollywood found itself in the middle of a scandal which has since turned into a movement led by women. Numerous creators have found themselves called out for sexually harassing co-workers, and Harvey Weinstein is not the only executive to be brought down. Recently, some of DC Entertainment's have been forced to own up to their actions as both Andrew Kreisberg and Eddie Berganza have been suspended and fired respectively. Now, a member of the Arrowverse family is speaking out about the on-going ordeal, and the Flash wants fans to know he supports them.

Over on Instagram, Grant Gustin broke his silence on the recent accusations of sexual harassment from notable Hollywood creators. The actor is the most recent Arrowverse star to comment on the situation, and Gustin says he wants to become a "better ally" to those who need a platform.

You can read Gustin's full statement below:


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"I can sometimes forget that I live in a world where not everyone has the same rights and privileges as I do. I realize that it's my privilege that makes me forget. Hearing of different men, again and again, especially in the industry that I work in, treating women as if they are less than, and both physically and emotionally abusing them has become a daily occurrence. This is not ok. This can't become our new normal. These last few weeks I haven't been sure what to say, so let me say this. I want to be better. I want to be a better man, a better ally. And I especially want all of the women in my life to know that I hear them, I stand with them, and I support them.

I'm in awe of not just all the women who have spoken out these last few weeks, but any woman who has ever done so. I can't imagine how terrifying it must be and how much courage and strength it takes.

These women are the real superheroes, and they should be treated as such. Thanks fro reading."

Gustin's comments come shortly after Arrow star Stephen Amell directly addressed the situation unfolding with Kreisberg. The producer was a showrunner on multiple DC Entertainment projects at The CW, and the star wanted fans to know he wants to see more bystanders stand up for women who are being treated inappropriately whether they're at work or away from the office.

"Our biggest asset on Arrow is our crew," Amell said. "Furthermore, their biggest strength and our biggest strength, is working on it as a team. I think that we can do this because we promote and we champion a safe and progressive work environment. I told them this morning, and I tell you now, and I meant it, that if anyone ever feels anything less than 100 percent safe or anyone feels as though they aren't allowed to express themselves and be the person that they are,that they should come to whomever they're supposed to go to, and I'll stand right beside them, right behind them. I'll speak on their behalf, if need be.

"I also think that in situations like this, if you're not an active part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem. Period. That's it. We do our best to have the best possible work environment. We will continue to do so. Again, I echo the statements made by my friend and coworker Emily Bett Rickards, Caity Lotz, Melissa Benoist and the chorus of others that have come forward and called for a safe, progressive, equal working environment."

As of right now, DC Entertainment has given no update on the investigation pending on Kreisberg's case. ComicBook will keep readers updated as more news becomes available.