The Flash Recap With Spoilers: Everything You Missed in "Into the Still Force"

Last episode on The Flash, the team said goodbye to one of their own as they held a funeral for Frost (Danielle Panabaker) and, over the course of the episode, found their own ways to honor her memory and her life. However, the end of the episode packed some big punches when it was revealed that Caitlin Snow (Panabaker) isn't as willing to say goodbye to her sister as it seemed and, more than that, Iris West Allen's (Candice Patton) time sickness took a dramatic turn when she disappeared from her office at CCC Media, getting lost in time. This week, Barry Allen/The Flash (Grant Gustin) needs to find Iris and from the preview it looks like he will have some help doing so with Nora West Allen/XS (Jessica Parker Kennedy) appearing in the episode. Need to find out what happened on this week's episode of The Flash? We've got you covered with our recap, but just know that there are full spoilers for "Into the Still Force" beyond this point.

The morning after her disappearance from the office, Barry discovers Iris is missing when he goes to bring her breakfast at work. Alarmed, he goes into crisis mode and alerts the team that she's missing and, perhaps just as troubling, Deon is not responding for calls for assistance as well. Trying to figure out how they can find Iris, Cecile mentions the incident with Tinya in Coast City. Meanwhile at her apartment, Caitlin explains that she has a plan to bring Frost back by essentially making a clone of sorts. However, Mark isn't on board and leaves.

Barry runs to Coast City to speak with Tinya, but not only does she refuse to help him, she seems glad Iris is missing, clearly still upset about what happened to her mom, Renee. She leaves Barry, but Deon suddenly shows up. He confirms that Iris is in the Still Force, but he needs Barry's help to find her. Deon doesn't seem to be doing especially well himself. When told about the plan for Barry to help Deon locate Iris within the Still Force, Joe isn't on board. He isn't so sure Deon is being forthright, but Barry dismisses Joe's concerns.

Meanwhile, Chester gets to work on something that will let him look for Iris within the Still Force and receives a phone call from Kramer.  They found a device at the scene of an explosion and need his assistance in identifying it. When Chester goes to look at the device, he's horrified to realize that it's his own design, but he doesn't tell Kramer this. Instead, he asks to examine the device back at the lab.

Deon warns Barry that where they are going in the Still Force is a weird place and then they are off. What they find is a place that is itself not doing well, with odd time loops and, specifically the past, present, and future all existing at the same time. As they go deeper into things looking for Iris, Barry encounters Renee. She's trapped there, but instead of letting Barry stop and help her, Deon presses him on. 

The pair ultimately find Iris' tracking particle, but not Iris herself. That's when Deon double crosses Barry by taking that particle for himself and abandoning him there, leaving Barry trapped with no way out. In 2049, Nora is working on an article that she's writing when Deon finds her and then takes her into the Still Force where she finds Barry. Seemingly trapped in the Still Force's approximation of the West house, Nora tells her father that in the future, she follows Iris' footsteps to become a reporter and ends up giving him a pep talk much the way Iris has given her pep talks. They then realize that Barry is actually still connected to the Still Force itself and he can use that to get them home. After a little bit of meditation — a trick Wally taught him — Barry is able to see all the timelines at once.

Connected to the Still Force and knowing what he needs to do, Barry and Nora go to make their way out. They fail their first try before realizing that they have to make their jump while also phasing. They are eventually successful and return back to STAR Labs in the present. Barry also tells the team that he knows Iris is okay in the Still Force and they just need to find her and help her.

While Chester was initially upset about what happened with his designs, after getting his own pep talk from Allegra, he realizes that his efforts to share knowledge are actually good and gets to the heart of what happened. Turns out the explosion was an accident when someone used his design to try to help give a group home free unlimited energy. Chester ends up offering himself as a mentor to those trying to further their own designs and efforts. But as the episode ends, after Chester leaves his lab, someone or something hacks into his computer remotely and downloads all his files.

Mark ends up going back to Caitlin's apartment. After thinking over everything she said about getting Frost back, he's decided he's in so long as Caitlin promises that they will not fail. Caitlin makes that promise.

The Flash airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.