The Flash Season 3 Will Include A Lot of Easter Eggs in Flashpoint Storyline

The Season 2 finale of The Flash had fans across the world jumping for joy, as it set up the [...]


The Season 2 finale of The Flash had fans across the world jumping for joy, as it set up the beginning of the Flashpoint story-line. Just like he did in the comics, Barry Allen used the speed force to travel back in time and save the mother he'd missed so much. While this act kept his family intact, it completely altered the rest of the universe. The Flashpoint comics were written by Geoff Johns, who is now in charge of the DC television and cinematic universes, became one of the more beloved stories in the history of the character.

Now that Flashpoint is happening on the hit CW series, fans are left wondering exactly how characters will change, and if any deceased characters (besides Barry's parents) will make their return. When asked about the topic, The Flash co-showrunner, Todd Helbing was extremely cryptic.

"There are different characters that you will see, some [that have] passed." All but confirming that we will see certain characters re-enter the fold, Helbing added that there were "a lot of Easter egg stuff that's a lot of fun."

Knowing there are Easter eggs to the original story-line goes a long way in easing the minds of a fan, especially when dealing with such a popular comic. The generalization of the comment, however, leaves us all wondering what exactly those Easter eggs will be. The five-issue comic series was filled with hints and nods at many of DC's favorite characters, the most notable being the inclusion of Thomas Wayne. In the universe that Barry altered, Bruce Wayne was killed, along with his mother, and his father took up the mantle of Batman. Is there any chance we could get a Thomas Wayne Batman in The Flash Season 3? I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

Season 3 of The Flash will premiere on the CW on Tuesday, October 4.

Source: TV Line