The Flash Recap With Spoilers: Barry and Ralph Channel James Bond in "License to Elongate"

We're just weeks away from The CW's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover, and the impact on the network's Arrowverse of shows is beginning to be felt. The Flash's latest installment showcased that in a surprising way, in the midst of an episode with quite a lot going on. In addition to being the latest episode directed by series star Danielle Panabaker, the plot centered around Barry Allen/The Flash (Grant Gustin) and Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man (Hartley Sawyer) going undercover as only they can. Here's what you need to know about this week's episode, which is titled "License to Elongate".


Barry makes an official Elongated Man emblem for Ralph, which he hopes to eventually give him at a planned press conference the next day. Ralph is called out of town to do a deposition tied to Sue's disappearance, and Barry decides to accompany him. They pull up on a fancy gala, where they will need to track down someone who might have most recently seen Sue. They go inside and approach a woman, who quickly spots that they're both lying about who they say they are. Ralph manages to swipe her VIP ticket off of her.

Ralph and Barry meet the owner of the gala, Remington Meister. Ralph asks about Sue, which quickly flusters Meister. He says that Sue isn't on the guest list, and grows suspicious about Barry and Ralph. Barry suggests that they leave, but Ralph thinks that they need to stay put -- especially because the party is an auction for criminals. Barry suggests that they suit up and bust the party, but Ralph disagrees.

Ralph breaks in to the building's computer, while Barry uses super speed to search the whole building for Sue. Meister then electrocutes both Ralph and Barry -- alongside Ultraviolet. The two of them wake up tied together in a meta-dampening chair, and Meister and Ultraviolet unveil their evil laser ray.

Barry apologizes for doubting Ralph, and reveals his plan to give him the emblem. Ralph tells Barry that both parts of their identities are worth saving. They eventually break out and subdue the laser gun, and Barry says they should both suit up.

Meister begins his auction, which includes an array of missiles called the Ring of Fire. He points the missiles at Central City, just as Barry pretends to drunkenly stumble onstage and outbid the other patrons. He and Ralph then begin to fight Ultraviolet and Meister, but Meister turns the missiles on. Through an elaborate array of stunts, Barry shuts of the missiles and incapacitates Meister.

The Flash publicly presents Ralph with the Elongated Man symbol, and christens him one of the new heroes of Central City. Ralph addresses the public, and promises to defend Central City until he dies. He then calls up Barry, and he and Joe publicly celebrate Barry for his work, and give him the Medal of Honor.

Ralph meets with Iris, and shows her that someone with the same logo as the people who kidnapped Ultraviolet was at the party. She leaves, and Ralph is immediately attacked by Ramsey.

Other tidbits from the episode include:

  • Nash leads Team Flash to the underground tunnel and argues that The Monitor is a fraud. Barry attempts to phase through the door to The Monitor, but does not succeed because it is laced with Eternium. Nash reveals that he might be able to find an artifact that can help them break the door -- a U.V. gun. Allegra finds Nash, who explains that he's a doppelganger and asks for her help in finding the gun. Allegra agrees, while also processing the whole concept of the multiverse. Nash accidentally reveals that Barry is The Flash, and that he's planning on killing The Monitor. Allegra gets upset by this and doesn't want to help him anymore. She later returns, and Nash suspects that she's nervous to use her powers, for fear of becoming like Ultraviolet. She realizes that's true, and uses her powers to help with the door. Nash thanks Allegra for her help, and says that she reminds him of someone.
  • Chester's energy is fully restored, and he finds himself alone in Star Labs. He logs on to one of the computers and finds his own obituary. Cecile helps Chester get back into society, and he asks for advice on how to ask out Natalie. She offers to use her powers to help him out. Cecile places a Jitters to Go order so Natalie will deliver it to Chester, and she'll theoretically be able to read her emotions. The whole ordeal does not go well. Cecile later apologizes, and reveals that she read Natalie's emotions wrong because she was insecure about her own trajectory in life. Chester decides they should both embrace their true selves, and ask out Natalie. Cecile makes business cards for her new business, and then tells Chester that he's welcome at Star Labs whenever he wants.


The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.