'The Flash’s New Trailer Features a Callback to the '90s Series

The CW superhero series The Flash isn't the first time the Scarlet Speedster has raced onto television screens, something that the series has acknowledged with guest stars since its debut in 2014. But the promo for next week's episode 'Luck Be A Lady' might be the best callback to John Wesley Shipp's '90s Flash yet.

In the promo, an arcade supply worker falls while unloading a barrel of marbles, sending the slippery round objects into the street where The Flash races right into them -- and promptly loses his footing. The scene a clear homage to a similar scene from Shipp's 1990 series The Flash.

In the scene from the '90s The Flash, Shipp's speedster is chasing Mark Hamill's Trickster. As the Trickster gets into his car to escape, he releases a bunch of marbles from the trunk of his car onto the street. The Flash races into the street in pursuit of the villain only to slip and fall on the pesky round objects. You can check out a clip of the scene, as well as every other evolution of the speedster on the screen in under ten minutes here.

Having Barry (Grant Gustin) unsuccessfully attempt to race through marbles is just the latest way the CW series maintains ties to Shipp's classic Flash. Actress Amanda Pays has played the same character, Dr. Tina McGee, on both The CW series and it's '90s predecessor. And Shipp himself has appeared in each previous season of the series, first as Barry's father Henry Allen and, later, as Earth-3's Flash, Jay Garrick. For Shipp, returning to the world of the speedster hasn't been all that strange, though he has previously said that it does have its surreal moments.


"People keep saying 'is coming back to The Flash weird?'" Shipp admitted, when we asked him yesterday what the strangest part of putting on a superhero costume again was. "And it hasn't been [weird], as long as I was playing a very different Henry Allen. But once I suit up and Grant and I are running around, and suddenly I'm face-to-face with Mark Hamill's Trickster, it's like, who could have predicted that this would happen? It's really a trip."

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.