Tommy Wiseau's Joker Gets His Own Fan Trailer

In a fan-made trailer bringing him as close to the role as he should ever come, The Room star [...]

In a fan-made trailer bringing him as close to the role as he should ever come, The Room star Tommy Wiseau is The Joker.

The video above, edited and uploaded by YouTube user The Dangerous Brew, sees scenes with Wiseau from The Room cut with Christian Bale's Batman and Heath Ledger's Joker as they appeared in The Dark Knight. Certain lines from each movie are paired to make it seem as though the characters are co-existing in what Wiseau certainly wishes was a preview for the now-in-development Joker origins movie from Todd Phillips.

"This needs to be more famous," scottyrobot wrote in the video's comment section. Well, wish granted.

After news broke that Joaquin Phoenix was in talks to play the role in Phillips' possibly upcoming film, Wiseau wrote "Todd. DM me," on both Twitter and Instagram in posts regarding the original headline from Variety. This fan-made trailer will be as far as such madness goes, though.

Wiseau was made famous recently when James Franco told the story of making The Room. The Room is a notoriously horrible film but earned a cult following who loved it for its total lack of self-awareness. Wiseau made the film in hopes of finding some love with the Academy Awards, spending millions of dollars to make it with his friends, but would find more success when the story of its making was told. Franco, who also directed the movie about the movie titled The Disaster Artist, earned several awards nominations and wins.

As for The Joker movie, there is no expected release date or production start date just yet. Phillips is attached to it with Martin Scorcese on board to executive produce. It will stand separately from the DC Extended Universe, where Jared Leto's Joker will remain.