The Suicide Squad: James Gunn Shares First Weasel Screen Test

The Suicide Squad made its debut a little over two months ago, showcasing James Gunn's violent and emotional take on the DC Comics mythos. The film is chock-full of characters that fans might not have expected to see on the big screen, including Weasel (Sean Gunn), an obscure Firestorm villain and brief Suicide Squad member in the comics. The Suicide Squad interpreted Weasel into live-action in a delightfully detailed and odd way, with Sean Gunn performing the motion capture on set. On Thursday, James Gunn took to Twitter to share the first look at Sean screen-testing as Weasel, and the performance is just as bizarre and delightful as fans would expect.

"It was interesting because the work I've done as Rocket Raccoon is much different, it's motion reference and it's a different sort of process by which they put the character together," Sean Gunn told The Movie Dweeb in a previous interview. "But for Weasel, I'm just doing the real mo-cap where I have on the balls and lights and colors and they were really capturing everything I did, which was awesome."

"As the Weasel, I think I got a lot of love for the character, and I hope that audiences do too. I'm going to let you decide where Weasel falls on that [gross] spectrum," Gunn added. "That's all my brother, but yeah, no, this is not a man in a Weasel outfit. This is an anthropomorphic Weasel. You gotta see it, it's not even like a hybrid. He's pretty much just a huge weasel in a little bit of a man's body."

Initially introduced in The Fury of Firestorm #35, John Monroe/Weasel was a recluse teacher at a Pennsylvania university who went on to become a serial killer, and donned the costumed identity of Weasel to do so. More often than not, the character sports an orange leotard, but some appearances did have him less clothed.

"To me, a lot of these characters are pretty much blank slates," Gunn explained during a press conference for the film. "Weasel doesn't have a lot of backstory or 300 issues of comic books to say who he is, and I changed him completely. He's basically a walking Greyhound." 

The Suicide Squad is now available on VOD.