The Whole Suicide Squad Cast Came In On Days Off To Watch Jared Leto Work

Much has been said about Jared Leto's take on the Joker, and the movie in which he debuts in the [...]

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Much has been said about Jared Leto's take on the Joker, and the movie in which he debuts in the role, Suicide Squad, doesn't even hit theaters until next month. Well, the hype isn't just from clips and trailers, and fans' reactions to them; it also comes from within the cast and crew of the film. When touring the set and learning about the principal cast at a visit last summer, producers Richard Suckle and Andy Horowitz told and other select press how amazed they were at the cast's reaction to Leto in the role.

"She'll not even be working," Suckle said of actress Cara Delevigne, who plays Enchantress (and her alter ego June Moone) in the film "and I remember one of the first days I think Jared worked, she just showed up because she wanted to see what Jared was doing," he said with a laugh. "Actually, she wasn't the only one!"

"She was the kind of the ringleader of that whole group, she came in," and brought the rest of the cast with her, Horowitz added. "It was Jared's second day, actually, and the cast had heard what Jared was doing, and how amazing it was, because Jared had kept himself separate from the cast - by design. She came in and saw what Jared was doing, and then about fifteen minutes later, she brings the whole cast in. You find out - our entire cast came in on their day off, just to watch and see what Jared was up to."

This rare occurrence surprised the producers, but also gave them instant feedback that Leto was on the right track with his take on the iconic villain.

"You could see the looks on their faces as they were watching the monitors, and how amazing he was doing," Horowitz said. "[Delevigne]'s just so fascinated by everything, and just comes in and hangs out on her days off, she's been great."

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Leto's the loner, Delvigne's the ring-leader, and having seen them in action, basically every member of that cast is the jokester of the group.

Suicide Squad, featuring Leto's first appearance as The Joker in DC Films, hits theaters August 5, 2016.