Tom King Teases Batman Becoming an MMA Fighter in Future Issue

Batman is no stranger to mixing it up in hand to hand combat, and as the character's profile has risen over the last couple of years, so has the hero's ability to lay the Smack Down. Batman writer Tom King alluded to some new training for the Dark Knight in some comments on social media this week. He's going to be stepping into the ring in an upcoming issue against a mystery opponent.

Seeing The Caped Crusader standing inside of an octogon with the gloves on in front of a packed crowd is a delightful visual. He still has his mask on but is shirtless, as is the custom in the most visible levels of the Mixed Martial Arts world. The branding on the posts of the cage are nice touches as well. As a whole, the only question left for the issue is who is standing across from Batman ready to scrap? Could it be Bane or is that just a fakeout?

As readers near the end of this run on Batman, issue #80 began the descent into whatever Tom King has planned. Catwoman and Batman are back in Gotham to deal with Bane. He's got the city in a sleeper hold as lines have been crossed and there isn't a ton of hope for people on the ground. Batman's allies have all seen better days and having the hero back on the board might be just the boost everyone needs.

Thomas Wayne is still lurking around, and his story is going to take up some screen time towards the end of the run. King and company have investigated the relationship the man has with Gotham. There has also been extensive attention paid to the ties that bind all generations of the Wayne men. Thomas' story in particular plays out as especially heartbreaking because he shows off so many different emotions while being pretty unlikable in spite of these revelations.

Speaking of the younger members of the family, Damian Wayne has been put through the wringer lately. Captured and being used for various purposes by both his father and grandfather, he will loom large on the road to the end. It looks like Robin will be used for some sort of scheme that his father has concocted, Now, that has placed Damian in harm's way, but Batman always escalates these conflicts when it comes to the fate of the entire city.


Batman Day this year brought news of a brand new creative team on the book to follow. But, James Tynion IV will have to wait until January to unveil what he's cooking. Fans are eager to see what King has been building up to this entire run. It may not last as long as he had intended, but the last few chapters look like the title is pulling out all the stops. Batman is ready to go a few more rounds, and the fans are in for an absolute spectacle.