Watch Nathan Fillion Dance On The Set Of The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad's Nathan Fillion had some time to dance on the set of the DC Comics film. James Gunn tweeted some fun footage of the actor getting down on his Twitter account. The Detachable Kid was a bit serious in the HBO Max smash hit, so it's nice to see Fillion cutting loose here. As with most of the director's films, the cast seemed to be absolutely loving their time on these sets. You can usually count on Fillion for some laughs, and the reactions in this video do not disappoint. Funnily enough, the video also serves the purpose of illustrating just what goes into making a large-scale blockbuster like this. There's tons of blue screen in the background contrasted against the tremendous amount of sand. The Detachable Kid is also a CGI invention too, so the actor's arms and legs are covered in a blue spandex suit too. It's wild to behold, when thinking about the larger project and how it looked when it was all finished. Check out the clip down below for yourselves.

In a previous interview with, Fillion spoke about making this character with Gunn. However, he was absolutely ready to give the director the lion's share of the credit for how it all worked out. He began, "My participation in the invention of the character kind of went like this. James saying, 'Here's how it's going to go.' And me saying, 'That sounds good.' That's what I call dissipation."

"I take a lot of credit. It's all about the function of the character in the story," Fillion added. "What is his function in the story? And TDK's abilities, for me, clearly spelled out his function and I got it. I know exactly what you need. I know what you're looking for. I know what you want. Boom. Let's do this. I get it."

Gunn would go more in-depth about TDK during a press event that attended. 

"It's fun watching people die on screen sometimes. It was really pretty organic," Gun explained. "I mean, I had to choose what characters I was going to use from DC. And I had a huge trove of characters to choose from. Some characters I knew were going to die from the beginning and then other characters I didn't know for sure were going to die. Obviously, I chose some characters that I knew were going to die, see that as the movie plays out. And then some of the characters surprised me. Some of the characters lived that I didn't know were for sure going to live.....In a way it's weird because I love these characters. And in another way, it's weird because I am Amanda Waller. I'm pushing that button on those characters because it serves our purposes as an audience to see them go."

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