Watch This 8-Bit Adaptation Of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

As we've written about this week, the video game, Injustice 2 has had a preview of some of it's game play. But BitCine a Brazilian YouTube channel has a different video game take on the DC characters. It's a much, much lower quality (in resolution) one.

The video gives us an 8-bit "game play" summary of the 2016 Blockbuster film, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Playing out in game levels it shows brief scenes from the film - starting with Superman flying away and Bruce Wayne running through the ruins of Metropolis. The 'game play' has all the sounds that will bring back memories of Mario - every button hit gives a beep - and when Bruce is lifting the girder off of Wallace Keefe next to the destroyed Wayne building it asks you to continually hit the A button.

Even the original Hans Zimmer score has been processed to sound like one that we would have seen in the mid-80's on a video game.

According to their YouTube channel's about page (mind you, this is through Google translate): BitCine is a channel that is different retellings of films enshrined in film, making great films in small animations based on the older games, the so-called 8:16-bits. Thus the channel draws attention to both the public fan of great champions at the box office and film classics, as the nostalgic of the first eras of video games.

8-Bit was the popular way to game in the mid-80's with the original Nintendo, Sega and Atari 7800 systems. The look of 8-bit has once again become popular as more and more gaming moves to mobile devices.


Check out their YouTube page for more 8-bit fun - including a Deadpool, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and 007: Goldfinger.