Watchmen: HBO Hints at "Possible Future Installments" After Reclassifying Series

As if the official blu-ray announcement for the series wasn't enough of a clue, wherein last [...]

As if the official blu-ray announcement for the series wasn't enough of a clue, wherein last year's Watchmen was labeled "An HBO Limited Series," the premium cable network has released a statement on how they intend to label the series for both awards consideration and for any potential new seasons of the series. HBO's full statement on Watchmen's status is short and sweet, reading: "We discussed with the producers and felt limited series was the most accurate representation of the show and any possible future installments." Though this is far from confirmation of a new season of the series in any form, it does give fans a little bit of hope that there will be more Watchmen in the future.

The bad news of course is that to maintain such a classification for awards, the shows will need to mostly be self contained and not follow-ups to each other. Even though the ending for the series was pretty clear about what would happen once it cut to black in episode 9, many fans have been wondering about what will happen with Regina King's Angela Abar. The events of the series certainly set up a new world for her, but we may never get to see it happen on screen.

Luckily for HBO and fans of Watchmen there are still limitless possibilities about where "possible future installments" of the series could go, from building on the original source material again to going into detail on some of the side-stories set up in the first season. There were a few elements from the original Watchmen that were barely touched on, like Daniel Dreiberg aka Nite Owl II. Though Damon Lindelof's limited series teased that he was locked up in prison, the circumstances of his arrest and imprisonment would be ripe for a new chapter, or rather, limited series.

So what is the likelihood of such a series actually happening? Lindelof himself has already firmly stated that he's not up for returning if he doesn't think of a story to tell, and has since planted his feet even further by saying it's probably not happening.

"I understand that the culture writ large wants a firm answer," Lindelof said. "Is there going to be more, isn't there going to be more. And unfortunately the answer is, 'probably not.' I've been pretty consistent about that since we premiered the show at Comic-Con."

Despite his quotes and even reports from other sources, HBO's head of programming Casey Bloys has made it clear that the story for Season 2 is the same as it has been. Bloys previously said they had no interest in developing new seasons of the show without Lindelof's involvement, but considering Damon's stance and HBO's wording of "possible future installments," they might have changed their minds. That in mind, Lindelof is quoted as saying he has "given (his) blessing" to HBO to pursue new seasons without him.