Wonder Girl Becomes Deathstroke in Titans Season 2 BTS Image

Titans Season 2 is off and rolling on DC Universe and fans are excited to see what the team is up [...]

Titans Season 2 is off and rolling on DC Universe and fans are excited to see what the team is up to this fall. Series star Conor Leslie recently took a picture that caught a ton of fans off guard on social media. The Wonder Girl actress uploaded a picture to Instagram of her in Deathstroke's helmet. Of course, fans were confused until they saw the photo's caption.

Leslie urged people not to freak out about the post, and she stressed that this was a spoiler or a tease of any kind. Of course, Titans' second season doesn't need this post to create any intrigue for the rest of the show. The first episode premiered on DC Universe and there's already enough going on with the introduction of Deathstroke himself. All of the Titans have some sort of struggle on their hands in dealing with him.

Leaving off last season on DC Universe's flagship series, Dick Grayson succumbed to the influence of Trigon after a struggle against those dark forces. Wonder Girl and Starfire were stuck waiting around for Hawk, Dove and Robin attempted to make the save in the 11th hour. Raven's demonic father figure might be the main antagonist right now, but the true evil of this season is just hiding in the tall grass.

All of the promotional material for Season 2 pointed towards Slade Wilson coming into the picture to create some trouble for the heroes. The show didn't waste any time in showing how largely he will factor into this new group of episodes. Grayson, Wonder Girl, Hawk and Dove were all a part of a previous version of the Titans. Jason Todd's celebratory broadcast catches the eye of the villain.

Wilson, portrayed by Esai Morales, has been kicking it in the woods. The villain was only going into a town to stock up supplies and slink back to his home. But that broadcast makes him go back to one of his safehouses and gather some of his iconic weapons and the quickly identifiable costume. Looks like all that noise woke up a sleeping giant and now the Titans got a fight on their hands.

Showrunner Greg Walker told ComicBook.com that he has been careful about balancing all these new characters in Season 2. But, in the end the more the merrier.

"We have like a cast of thousands here, so servicing everybody, it's been an interesting and welcome challenge. The core four are definitely there, but then you've got Jason Todd, you've got Wonder Girl and we brought in Superboy, we brought in a bunch of other characters. It's about getting all this together in a big room and then going about the world in different ways," Walker explained.

He continued, "I think that we try to give everybody really specific emotional arcs through the season and challenges, some of them have to do with the sins of the past and some of them have to do with more present day challenges and struggles. There's a lot of story to 13 episodes and you can't have 13 people in a room looking at each other, playing Chutes and Ladders. So at some point, they go out in the world and they have to face their own challenges, only to come back to Titans, or not come back to Titans, or come back to Titans broken. That's kind of how we use it as a home base."

Titans Season 2 is now streaming on DC Universe, with new episodes being released every Friday.