Gal Gadot And Kristen Wiig Made A Music Video On Wonder Woman 1984 Set

On movie sets, there is a lot of time called, "Hurry up and wait." The cast members find themselves needing to be at the ready to shoot as the crew resets or moves cameras and sets. On the set of Wonder Woman 1984, it looks like the cast made the most of their down time. Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig went ahead and made themselves a whole entire music video where they sing about all of the fun they are having making the DC Comics movie and often pull props from the set into their no-budget laugh. Gadot appeared on The Tonight Show where the music video debuted. It starts playing about four and a half minutes into the video above!

After seeing Wonder Woman 1984, talked with Gadot and director Patty Jenkins over Zoom (separate from our awesome moments of surprising fans with Wonder Woman herself). "Kristen is freaking amazing, I love her so much," Gadot said of her co-star and band-mate in the music video above. "She came onset and we clicked immediately and we just have such a good chemistry and it was pure fun. It was like, we have to work out the entire production and we have to do so many stunts and it's physical and you're tired and all that, but as soon as we get to set and we're all together, it's delightful, it's electric."

Jenkins found herself having to wrangle her talent on set because they were off having fun together between takes which is, of course, ironic as Wiig plays Wonder Woman's nemesis Cheetah in the film.

"We're like, 'Sorry-sorry,'" Gadot laughed. "It was amazing, and it made everything so, so great. It was just great. From one moment we're laughing and then they're rolling cameras, and in a second, we can both get into the mode of being in the character and becoming serious and all of that."

Gadot also notes that the family making Wonder Woman movies has been unlike any other, whether it was a set where she was playing the same character or an entirely different franchise. "I can't imagine how it feels to shoot such a project with people that you don't get along with," Gadot said. "With us, it feels like family. Patty's family are my family, Kristen and Pedro and Chris are all like, we're living in a commune when we're shooting these type of movies. It is amazing, and it's so great that you felt that we had this connection."


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Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters and HBO Max on December 25.