Wonder Woman 1984 Stars Gal Gadot and Pedro Pascal Celebrate Patty Jenkins' Birthday

Happy Birthday, Patty Jenkins! The director known best for helming Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman [...]

Happy Birthday, Patty Jenkins! The director known best for helming Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984 turned 50 on July 24th. Many fans have taken to social media to celebrate the director, who is signed on helm Wonder Woman 3 for Warner Bros. as well the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron film for Lucasfilm and a Cleopatra movie that is set to star Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot. Speaking of Gadot, the star took to Instagram today to celebrate Jenkins on her birthday.

"Today is PJ's bday! I wish you all the best things this world has to offer ❤️ May our journey always be filled with lots of laughter, great food, beautiful vacations, and endless conversations into the night. So glad the forces of the world brought us together, I love you," Gadot wrote. You can check out the post below:

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Gadot wasn't the only Wonder Woman 1984 star to honor Jenkins today. Pedro Pascal, who played Maxwell Lord in the movie, also wrote Jenkins a sweet birthday message. "I'll never let you go. Happy birthday, Patty Jenkins," Pascal wrote. You can view his post below:

At the end of last year, it was confirmed that Gadot will be returning for the third Wonder Woman movie. Two days after Wonder Woman 1984 premiered on HBO Max, the studio revealed Gadot would be returning as well as Jenkins. Gadot has said in an interview that the movie will likely be in the present day, and Jenkins has already hinted that Kristen Wiig will return as Cheetah.

Recently, Jenkins spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the current state of movie releases and explained why she doesn't think the day-and-date hybrid release model will last.

"I don't think it's going to last. Streaming is great, but everybody is chasing it for financial reasons, and I don't think the financial support is there to hold up the industry the way that it is," Jenkins explained. "It's one thing if it was only Netflix, but now every company has streaming. People are not going to subscribe to that many. Are studios really going to give up billion-dollar movies just to support their streaming service? Financially, I don't think it makes sense."

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron hits theaters on December 22, 2023. Wonder Woman 3 is also expected to be released sometime in 2023, and Cleopatra does not yet have a release date.