Wonder Woman 1984: Patty Jenkins Gets Honest about Invisible Jet Plans

It looks like the iconic Invisible Jet is headed to Wonder Woman 1984, although director Patty [...]

It looks like the iconic Invisible Jet is headed to Wonder Woman 1984, although director Patty Jenkins was not quite ready to confirm or deny any such plans while talking to press on the London set of the movie in 2018. Trailers which have released since ComicBook.com had a chance to observe filming and talk with the cast and crew seem to reveal the invisible jet is headed to the movies for the first time. While Jenkins would not yet open up definitively about the invisible jet appearing (or, well, disppearing) in the movie, she did reveal that she has plenty of ideas for how to approach such an element of Wonder Woman lore.

"Can't discuss," Jenkins said when asked directly if the invisible jet is in Wonder Woman 1984. "Yeah. Can't discuss anything that is or is not. Yeah. People are so interested in it. I would not say yes or no either way. I've been asked that question so many times. I said the same thing in the first movie."

Hypothetically, of course, Jenkins has thought about the invisible jet in her movies.

"How would I? I don't know," she says. "I don't know. Have to be done in a whole new way. I think that the invisible jet is one of those things that is so funny because every single thing that any of these superheroes have is so silly in theory, and then when we talk about it, we talk about it as if nothing is going to be done to update it. So the only thing I'll say is, I've always said about the invisible jet, I'll do it when I can do it in a way that's super cool. It's got to be something different than her flying through the sky in an invisible jet, which is fine on page. Not great in modern [film]."

Invisible aircrafts have appeared in plenty of comic book movies in recent years, so fingers crossed the jet makes its way into Wonder Woman 1984.

In the comics, Diana creates the invisible jet herself while still living in Themyscira, as a way to evade potentially-hostile forces in Man's World. The plane has had some pretty wild canon over the years, including one portrayal of it being a sentient living being. There's no reason to believe that will be included in Wonder Woman 1984, assuming the jet makes the cut to begin with. In more recent adaptations (largely in cartoons), the jet is portrayed as either translucent or completely invisible. This makes the practical application of it - of it seemingly being a jet with some sort of cloaking technology - especially interesting.

Are you ready to see the invisible jet put to use in Wonder Woman 1984?

More info about Wonder Woman 1984 will be dropping on August 22 during DC FanDome!

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