Wonder Woman Behind-the-Scenes Photos Confirm Ann Wolfe and A Tiger To Appear

(Photo: Connie Nielsen)

In a pair of behind-the-scenes photos posted to Instagram, Wonder Woman actress Connie Nielsen appears to have confirmed that American boxer Ann Wolfe will appear in the film...

...and that there will be a tiger in the film.

The latter is particularly interesting in that before director Patty Jenkins came on board to helm the film, its previous director had wanted Wonder Woman to have a "tiger sidekick" in the movie.

Could some element of that plotline still be happening in the film?

With my family of Amazons #wonderwomanmovie @doutzen @gal_gadot @naprous #annwolfe

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One of my co-stars today.. @wonderwomanfilm

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For Wolfe's part, it doesn't appear that there's been an official announcement, but she's appeared in a number of photos with the cast and crew. While most assumed she would be playing a role (and she tweeted about having a role in an unnamed movie back in March), some weren't sure. Obviously fighters have been known to consult on fight choreography and the like.


Here, she's referred to as one of the Amazons, and given her prevalence in early Wonder Woman stories as well as the recent Wonder Woman Earth One, it seems like not much of a leap to wonder if Wolfe might be playing Nubia, the most notable black Amazon.

Wonder Woman is due in theaters on June 2, 2017.