Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #2 Review: A Comic Worthy of the Gods

It takes a substantial amount of time to make something great. That's not a subjective opinion; it's a fact of life. The more time you spend on something, a task or goal, the likelihood that task will be completed or goal met increases significantly. It's also why a story like Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons is able to thrive. Not bound by a monthly release schedule, DC Comics is giving the creators on the title whatever time they need to tell the best story they can.

Luckily for fans of Wonder Woman, mythology, and comic books as a whole – Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #2 cements itself as not only one of the best comics you can get this week, but one of the best reads you'll find this year.

In the 16 years or so Kelly Sue DeConnick as written comics, she's built a tremendous name for herself. Rightfully so, because she's one of the industries strongest writers when she fires on all cylinders. Make no mistake about it, Historia is a book that allows her to flex those muscles fully, allowing the writer to unabashedly tell the story she wants to tell. DeConnick's scripting here is tough in the best of ways, creating a cast of incredible characters that shine, no matter the space they're given.

The writing is also a masterclass in world-building, despite already having worlds built decades ago. DeConnick makes it all her own, while still paying tribute to both DC Comics and Greek lore. At times, it's this world-building that can be portrayed as slow, especially with a book that has a superhero in its title, but it's as necessary as it is divine.

Best yet, Gene Ha's artwork is perfect for the tale at hand. Between his iconic line art and Wesley Wong's colors, each of the panels included in this oversized issue look as if they're carved of marble, reminiscent of taking a trip through history itself.

Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #2 may not push the envelope as much as the issue that came before it, but it's just as worthy of a comic book. It still pushes the very boundaries of the medium as it solidifies its footing as an all-time great. DeConnick's reimagined world here is exemplary storytelling, supported wonderfully by Ha's line work. Despite using characters we've seen countless times before—including gods that have appeared in stories for millennia—this team continues to make something entirely new, a true testament to just how great this title is. Two issues in, and this series's spot amongst the pantheon of sequential greats is all but guaranteed.

Published by DC Comics

On April 5, 2022

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick

Art by Gene Ha

Colors by Wesley Wong

Letters by Clayton Cowles

Cover by Gene Ha