'Young Justice: Outsiders' Tops List of Most In-Demand TV Shows on Streaming Services

It's been a few weeks since Young Justice: Outsiders made its eagerly-anticipated debut on DC [...]

It's been a few weeks since Young Justice: Outsiders made its eagerly-anticipated debut on DC Universe, but its popularity has yet to wane. The animated series is currently the most in-demand show on streaming services.

According to Business Insider, Parrot Analytics provides a list each week of the seven most in-demand television shows on various streaming services. The ranking includes data such as engagement and viewership into an overall measurement of audience demand and those numbers put Young Justice: Outsiders on top, just ahead of another DC Universe series, Titans, and beating out several Netflix series including Daredevil.

That Young Justice: Outsiders is top of the list won't come as too much of a surprise for fans. The series' debut on DC Universe marks its return nearly six years after the show's second season -- Young Justice: Invasion -- was cancelled by Cartoon Network in 2013. The show's cancellation left fans with a lot of dangling plot threads, threads that the series has managed to work with even as it advanced the story with a bit of a time jump. It's something that executive producer Brandon Vietti told ComicBook.com.

"We knew it could be a controversial decision doing like time skips between seasons, but you know that was part of the reality that we are trying to build into the show," Vietti explained. "In order to really show growth you need a long period of time, and that's just not something that we're able to do with the limited number of episodes that we're given to tell these stories."

"We try to plan it so hopefully we would never frustrate fans with a lack of information about a character while they're growing," he added. "We try to just put enough in there to sort of whet their appetite to make them wanna know more without ever losing the thread of the story we are trying to tell."

Young Justice: Outsiders will consist of 26 total episodes with new episodes premiering every Friday. Four new episodes will premiere on January 25th as the mid-season finale with the series returning for the second half of the season in June.

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Young Justice: Outsiders is now streaming on DC Universe.