'Young Justice: Outsiders' Finally Debuts Cyborg

Over the course of three seasons, Young Justice has largely avoided utilizing the characters from [...]

Over the course of three seasons, Young Justice has largely avoided utilizing the characters from the preceding animated series Teen Titans. Robin emerged as a leader, but the rest were left untouched until Garfield Logan was introduced, setting up his change as Beast Boy.

But now another major member of the fan favorite team has been introduced, surprising audiences with an origin story that's sure to play a major part in the second half of the season.

Warning: Spoilers for Young Justice: Outsiders below.

After teasing the involvement of Victor and Silas Stone last week, both characters made their debuts in the episode "Exceptional Human Being," and their story carries on into the mid-season finale called "True Heroes."

The series goes onto depict the origin story for Cyborg, showing how the young football star becomes a vital member of the next generation of superheroes. The series seems to take a page out of the DC Films universe, with technology from Apokolips transforming Victor after a tragic accident.

As teased in previous episodes, the Reach "meta-human fail-safe device" plays a role in Cyborg's origin, as does a newly obtained Father Box that's delivered to Dr. Silas Stone at S.T.A.R. Labs.

At his high school football game, Victor Stone impresses a scout from Metropolis University, who makes it clear that his prowess and productivity will earn him a full-ride scholarship. But Victor's father fails to show up for the game, despite promising to attend.

Victor shows up at his father's lab, infuriated that he broke yet another promise and fails to show interest in his son's life. Victor (and a S.T.A.R. Labs security guard) accidentally knocks into a power cable plugged into the Reach device, resulting in its explosion amid the family argument.

Just like in the Justice League movie, Silas Stone uses the Apokolips tech to heal his son, bringing him back from death. But the effects of Victor's transformation are still being felt, as the evil Father Box tech takes over and nearly drives him to a killing spree.

But Victor's own transformation causes audiences to learn more about the Outsiders' new member Halo, who happens to have a major connection to the New Gods.

This storyline will continue to play out over the mid-season finale, and should pick back up when the season returns in a couple months.

The mid-season finale of Young Justice: Outsiders is now playing on DC Universe.