'Young Justice: Outsiders' Clip Reveals Tense Cyborg Clash

Young Justice: Outsider is making its way through new episodes on DC Universe, and it seems the show has a big treat in store for fans. At long last, Cyborg will be coming to the hit series, and a sneak-peek at his debut episode has just gone live.

Thanks to IGN, audiences got an early look at Cyborg and his tense entry into the animated series. The clip, which can be seen above, follows Victor Stone as the soon-to-be hero confronts his father Silas at STAR Labs. And, uh, it would be putting things lightly to say the conversation went poorly.

The clip begins with Victor entering his dad’s lab, and he is none too happy. The older man missed the boy’s latest football game where a few scouts pulled him aside. Angry, Victor demands to know why he is always in second place next to his father’s job, but Silas ignores the plea in favor of chastising his son.

“You won’t need football scouts to get into college if you get your grades up,” the older man says, but Victor won’t hear it. After all, the high school student has a 4.0 GPA, and he continues ripping into Silas as things between the father-son duo get tense.

“I will not talk to you when you’re behaving this way,” Victor’s dad says, brushing his son off.

“Behaving in what way? I’m not some three-year-old trying to get you to taste his mud pie. This is my life you’re ignoring. My actual life!”

Clearly, there is some drama going on with the Stone family, and Young Justice: Outsiders will get to explore those juicy details soon enough. As of late, the series has been teasing the debut of this iconic DC hero as previous episodes danced around Cyborg. Most recently, the episode "Evolution" name-dropped the character as a sports anchor referenced Victor Stone as a Henry Heywood High School's "touchdown machine". Now, the show is about to show off the athlete firsthand, and fans are eager to see where Victor's story will be going this season.


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Young Justice: Outsiders will consist of 26 total episodes with new episodes premiering every Friday. Four new episodes will premiere on January 25th as the mid-season finale with the series returning for the second half of the season in June. Young Justice: Outsiders is now streaming on DC Universe.