Young Justice: Phantoms Showrunner Confirms HBO Max Still Hasn't Renewed for Season 5

Greg Weisman, one of the showrunners of Young Justice: Phantoms, has been encouraging fans to continue binging the new season in hopes that HBO Max renews the DC animated series. However, Weisman is trying to keep expectations tempered since a renewal for Young Justice isn't guaranteed. The series is currently in its fourth season under the subtitled "Phantoms" moniker, with each story arc focusing on a different group of DC heroes and villains. Weisman responded to one fan eager to learn when the show would be renewed, with the producer giving an answer that most fans won't be happy to hear.

When asked at what point will Young Justice get renewed for a new season, Weisman simply replied, "I think the first question is 'if' not 'when.'" Greg Weisman and fellow producer Brandon Vietti are constantly fielding questions regarding Young Justice's renewal on social media. In the past, he's even said he's willing to do several seasons, even telling one fan in March, "As many as they'll let us make." spoke to both Weisman and Vietti ahead of the Atlantis story arc concluding to discuss the series tackling real-world issues like death and grief, the return of cloning, Atlantis crowning a new leader, end-credit stingers, and the tie-in digital comic Young Justice: Targets.

"We love coming up with those," Vietti said regarding the end-credits stingers that appear after each episode. "They evolved from season three where I think it was a desire to do something more with the credits than just roll credits, and see if we could get a little more story or a little more emotional resonance into the credits and maybe have the audience stick around a little bit. I remember too actually, now that I think about it, some of the season three enders and credit scenes were so warm and fuzzy because we were dealing with some legitimately dark stories, and we just needed to lift the mood and end somewhere a little nicer on the way out. And as we evolved into our fourth season, I know we both wanted to tell more story there, use that time. Greg had a lot of great ideas for dialogue scenes that could happen to expand on some character stories that we may not have the screen time to delve into."

The Young Justice: Phantoms storyline will continue in DC's Young Justice: Targets digital series. The super-teams band together to rescue Queen Perdita while Green Arrow and Black Canary struggle to stay alive after being poisoned and left comatose after Perdita's abduction.

"It's been terrific working with Christopher Jones again on another Young Justice comic, and I'm really excited for the fans to read Young Justice: Targets," said Weisman. "It's a fully canon six-issue mini-series, picking up right where Young Justice: Phantoms left off, with plenty of action, nearly our entire cast, and multiple new revelations."

"It's been an amazing journey years after working with Greg Weisman on Young Justice comics, getting the opportunity to help create storyboards for the most recent season of the TV show, and now returning to produce more comics," said artist Christopher Jones. "Between my growth as an artist and the fabulous color by Jason Wright I think these are the best-looking comics I've ever had a hand in creating. I love getting to help tell the stories of these characters, and I can't wait for fans to see where things go after Young Justice: Phantoms."