'Young Justice' Is Back On Netflix But Not In The US

Rejoice, Young Justice fans! Ahead of the series long-awaited third season return later this year, the animated series is back on Netflix! Unless you're in the United States, or many, many other countries.

On the Young Justice subreddit, a few fans across the world are reporting that the critically acclaimed cartoon has returned to the streaming platform. Some of the countries include Brazil, Israel, and Australia.

Unfortunately, it has yet to come back in many larger markets. Young Justice seems less likely to return to Netflix in the United States, especially given Warner Bros. creation of a DC-branded streaming service.

While the name of the new platform has yet to be released, it will be home to the live-action Titans series starring Brenton Thwaites as Robin, as well as the third season of Young Justice, which will be 26 episodes. The previous two seasons of the animated series will likely be added to the streaming service as an added incentive for subscribers.

Young Justice and other animated series such as Justice League and Justice League Unlimited left Netflix last year in August, seemingly in preparation for the launch of the new DC service. But Warner Bros. has yet to announce when the new platform would launch.

Scripting and recording is likely to be close to completion on the new season of the series, considering it's been in production for nearly a year. But completing an cartoon series takes time (just ask the Rick and Morty crew), with much of the work coming in the animation process.

We don't exactly know when Young Justice: Outsiders is set to premiere, but executive producer Greg Weisman recently told fans to expect it to drop sometime in the fourth quarter of 2018. Considering the new year has only just begun, that's quite a long wait.


But fans of the animated series have been waiting for almost five years now, so six-to-nine more months shouldn't be too difficult.

(h/t Reddit)