Zack Snyder Had Planned On Introducing Carrie Kelley's Robin In DC Movie Universe

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder seems to have kinda/sorta confirmed one of [...]

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder seems to have kinda/sorta confirmed one of the movie's longest-running rumors: that he planned on introducing Carrie Kelley, the female Robin from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, into the DC movie universe.

During a chat with fans on the Vero social media network, Snyder confirmed that he intended the movie's dead Robin to be Dick Grayson, a break from the official DC line which had at one point singled out Jason Todd. When asked whether Dick would ever return, Snyder told fans that he would stay dead and Robin off the board "...until Carrie."

Snyder's response was captured and shared via Twitter by Comic Book Debate, which you can see below.

(Photo: Comic Book Debate (Twitter))

Big chunks of Miller's The Dark Knight Returns inspired Batman v Superman, with Snyder taking shots directly from the acclaimed graphic novel.

Speaking with on the Batman v Superman red carpet, comic book legend Frank Miller said that of his Batman characters that he'd like to see onscreen, "Carrie Kelley would be the big one. I love my little Joker robots, and lots of other characters like his goofy sidekick, but Carrie Kelley is the one that broke my heart."

Miller is working with DC to develop a middle-reader book based on Carrie Kelley, a project he first teased during another interview with in late 2015.

"Well, to me, she always has had the potential for longevity," Miller told us. "I would love to do a series — in fact, I intend to do a series of her and her alone that would be very much like a comic book Nancy Drew series. It would be her detective stories. They would be smaller-sized, they would be designed to that they could be, even though they would be comic books, they would be comic books for children. That's something I intend to do. Just picture a small figure of Robin on a cover holding a magnifying glass."

Rumors that a female Robin would appear in Snyder's Batman v Superman circulated almost from the moment the movie went into production, and kicked into high gear when Snyder veteran Jena Malone was cast in an undisclosed role in the film.

Snyder has largely left Twitter for Vero, a social network co-owned by a friend of his who appeared briefly in Batman v Superman. There, he has engaged with his fans, including the vocal segment of the DC fandom who would like to see the "Snyder Cut" of Justice League, a film Snyder left during production and Joss Whedon completed.