Wonder Woman TV Star Lynda Carter Celebrates Release of New Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer

A new trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League was released online on Tuesday, a date that just so happens to be the four-year anniversary of the theatrical release of Justice League. And while DC fans were thrilled to get to see what may be the best look yet at the so-called "Snyder Cut" that many campaigned for, it isn't just the average fan who got excited. Wonder Woman herself also celebrated the release of the trailer. Wonder Woman TV star Lynda Carter took to Twitter to sum up her thoughts about the trailer's release in just one word: finally.

Carter retweeted Snyder's post sharing the black and white version of the trailer with her one-word show of excitement, but it wasn't just Carter who was full of appreciation. Snyder himself responded to Carter with his own appreciation for the small screen's iconic Wonder Woman: "We honor you Queen".

The trailer released today is something that Snyder has been talking about for some time now and while there's a lot there for fans to take in, there are even more things coming when the project finally debuts on HBO Max sometime in 2021. Not only are there going to be some reshoots and fresh post-production as part of Snyder's version of Justice League, but entirely new material as well, including the addition of Jared Leto's Joker, who wasn't included in the original vision of the film.

"No. No, he wasn't," Snyder said of Joker's Justice League plans in a recent chat with TheFilmJunkee. "There was a few things that I had thought about doing that I had thought about grabbing in post. There was a number of things I had drawn – a couple of them, I wasn't able to do, but it's fine. I'm completely satisfied."

The director added, "But this was one of the things that in the years since I've kind of boiled on and kind of said, like, this would be a cool thing to do. I'll be honest, I never thought the opportunity would come, and thanks to the fans, of course, and this whole journey, it's happened, which is insane."


The theatrical release of Justice League is now streaming on HBO Max. The Snyder Cut has yet to receive a release date from the streamer.

Are you looking forward to seeing Zack Snyder's Justice League on HBO Max next year? What did you think of the new teaser? Let us know in the comments!