Zack Stentz Confirms He's Writing Booster Gold Movie

It was recently revealed that screenwriter Zack Stentz will be penning the upcoming Booster Gold movie for Warner Brothers, which is being developed — and might be directed — by The Flash and Supergirl executive producer Greg Berlanti.

During an appearance on the latest installment of Screen Junkies's "Movie Fights," Stentz personally confirmed the news. "I am jumping into the DC Universe with both feet, and I am at least, until they fire me, I'm gonna be writing Booster Gold — for the big screen," Stentz told the panel.

Stentz is best known for his work on X-Men: First Class, Thor, the upcoming Power Rangers movie, and, more recently, the Kevin Smith-directed episode of The Flash — which aired last Tuesday.

In the comics, Booster Gold is a disgraced athlete who steals a time machine and some superhero equipment to travel back in time and become a celebrity. Ultimately his journey from laughingstock to hero includes, among other things, fathering a child -- Rip Hunter, the inventor of time travel in the DC Universe and one of the leads in DC's Legends of Tomorrow.



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