Man Uses 'Pokemon Go' As Alibi For Kidnapping Charges

An Oregon man is hoping that a Pokemon Go defense is super effective in court.

Arrested for allegedly attempting to kidnap a teenager, Robert Friesen claims that he was playing Pokemon Go when the crime allegedly occurred.

According to prosecutors, Friesen grabbed a 16-year-old teenager in Beaverton, Oregon and threatened her with a knife. The girl said that the man tried to pull her into his car with a knife and said that he was going to kill her.

What's more, prosecutors also state that a man matching Friesen's location also tried to grab three other women and often approached women in town asking them if they wanted to take a ride.

Friesen told the police that he was "Pokemon hunting" in the area when the alleged kidnapping occurred. However, when police searched his phone, they found that he hadn't captured any Pokemon on the day when the incident took place, even though the game showed that he was an active player who caught Pokemon regularly.

What's more, a search of Friesen's Google location services showed that he was in the area where the kidnapping occurred, stopped, and then left the area at the exact time when the teen said she was assaulted and grabbed.

Although this isn't the first time Pokemon Go has been connected to a crime, this might be the first incident when police and prosecutors actively used the app to disprove someone's alibi.

Friesen is currently out on bail and will re-appear in court in October.