Fallout: New Vegas Player Beats Entire Game on Max Difficulty, No Deaths and No Killing

Fallout: New Vegas wasn't for everyone. This entry into the iconic franchise was handled by a different team, meaning taking to the Wasteland meant significant changes. That being said, for many - including myself - this was a favourite. Between the insanely addictive quests, the new locations to explore, and the memorable characters; there was a lot to love. That being said, there was a lot to be considered challenging - at least for most people. Not this crazy dude, one gamer was determined to play through the entire RPG experience on the highest difficulty setting with no deaths and killing zero people.

YouTuber Rhetam completely beat the entire game, including all side quests, without taking any people out, didn't die once, and he didn't have any help from companions. As someone who absolutely loved Fallout: New Vegas, I honestly can't imagine that. To say I died - a lot - would be a massive understatement.

Still, he did it. The journey actually began last year with his final episode being published to the public just this week. Of course he had to max level his Unarmed skills, and his Sneak and Speech skills were also given special attention.

"Fallout New Vegas is pretty flexible in allowing the player to not have to kill anyone," the YouTuber said on Reddit, "though there were many times where I had to knock someone out and let a nearby NPC take shots at them until they died or simply act as bait and let an enemy follow me to an ally that would actually kill them."


This particular player played the game smart. Like you'd expect from a post-apacolyptic title, deaths are unavoidable - but he was able to work around the narratives and allow other NPCs to circumvent what was ingrained into the base story. Pretty impressive! He's also done similar runs with other titles, including Fallout 4. Is it necessary? No, but it sure is cool!

To check out some of his other hot takes on game and follow his progress, you can check out his full YouTube channel right here!