Fans React To PlayStation 2 ‘Retirement’

PlayStation 2

You may have seen the news the other day that Sony has discontinued support for the PlayStation 2 console, so that means once they break, well, that’s about it. As a result, that pretty much ends the console’s life cycle, even though it hasn’t seen any new releases since Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 back in 2013.

As a result, fans have come out in droves to pay tribute to the best-selling console. Many have posted the Solid Snake salute to the system, which you can see an example of below.

Others have been a little creative with their tributes, as well as posting kind words about the memories with their console:


And if you haven’t, for some reason, played the PlayStation 2 just yet, it’s not too late! Several game stores have the systems available, including the original and the slim model; and there are various games that are on hand as well, no matter what genre you’re into. In fact, we’ll be doing a “best of” special soon to tribute the greatest releases for the system.

Farewell, PlayStation 2. We shall miss you. (We would post a Solid Snake salute here, but they’re all over the place on social media, so we’ll just tip our hat with controller in hand.)