'Fortnite' PlayStation Controller Bundle Revealed


While it may not be a full-fledged PS4 console bundle as offered in other markets, Fortnite has gotten a fun little package that die-hard fans won’t want to miss.

GameStop has begun offering a limited edition Fortnite DualShock 4 controller bundle that includes bonus goodies for Epic Games’ hit game, going for $59.99. The bundle comes with a regular PlayStation 4 controller, as well as a code for 500 V-Bucks and an exclusive Royale Bomber outfit, which can only be used in the game’s Battle Royale mode. You can see the package for yourself below.

Fortnite 2

While this will no doubt be a huge draw for Fortnite fans, we can’t help but be mildly disappointed in the plain controller design. This could’ve been a golden opportunity for Sony to offer a unique color for the DualShock 4, like purple or grass-colored or something along those lines. But they did the same thing for the bundle they offered in Italy recently, with a plain 500GB PS4 system alongside the bonus Royale Bomber outfit and V-Bucks.

All the same, it’s sure to sell a bundle, if only for the skin alone. Considering how rare it’s likely to be (like, say, the goods that came with the original retail release of Fortnite before it was discontinued), we wouldn’t be surprised if it started popping up on eBay. Better get it now while you have a chance to get a controller out of the deal.

As for that Fortnite PS4 system bundle, that’s not likely to come to our shores, though you never know with the holiday season coming up and all. Sony could very well be giving it consideration, especially given the popularity of Fortnite these days. We'll let you know if anything is announced.

While you're at it, don't forget this exclusive PlayStation Plus gear pack, complete with a sweet looking controller pickaxe and special PlayStation-colored trail. Yes, it glows blue -- and it shows your PlayStation pride!


Fortnite is available now for PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox One, mobile devices, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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