‘The Legend of Zelda’ Theme Meets Heavy Metal In This New Video

We know there are a lot of folks out there that have tried to recreate The Legend of Zelda’s main theme in their own special way (like with an ocarina). But, seriously, you just can’t go wrong with heavy metal. And the band August Burns Red have proven just that.

In the video that you can see above, the group performs the song, which can actually be found on their new album Phantom Sessions, which releases on February 8. The song features the talents of bassist Dustin Davidson, who switches over to guitar at the start to give it just the right level of nuance at the beginning

While speaking with Nerdist, Davidson explained, “For the cover, I wanted to do a mash-up of not only the original theme, but other pieces from the game as well, and since the dungeon theme flirts with the diminished scale, it just made sense to put it into a metal cover.”

And his obsession with The Legend of Zelda clearly shows with the love he put into the tune. “Out of all of the games that I played growing up, I easily logged the most time into Zelda,” he explained. “My brother and I would come home from school, race to finish our homework and fight over who got to play.”

If this song sounds like something that you’d want to listen to more often, you don’t have to wait for the album’s debut next month. You can buy the song here across a number of platforms, including Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and Google Play, among others.

As for the other songs that will be included on the Phantom Sessions EP, they include “Midnight,” “Laniakea,” “Coordinates (Reprise”) and “The Frost (Midi Version)”. You should be able to keep tabs on Fearless Records’ YouTube channel if you want to give them a listen. And with this radical sound, who wouldn’t?

Check out the sweet performance above, in which there’s even a little bit of cosplay. Hey, Link! Nintendo, we may have found the ideal performers for your next party.


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(Hat tip to Nerdist for the scoop!)