'Fortnite' Servers Offline For "Emergency Maintenance" (UPDATE)

Fortnite Servers

UPDATE: The servers are back online, with Epic Games declining to reveal what the problem was.

If you were playing Fortnite, but then all of sudden you weren't, it's because the servers have been shut down.

The news comes way of Epic Games via Twitter where the developer revealed the servers were taken down for "emergency maintenance." Unfortunately, specifics weren't provided, nor was an estimate of how long they would be down for given.

As you may know, Fortnite's servers have been a bit wobbly lately, and this sudden takedown of them again has fans worried. Of course, there are also upset players as well -- who, naturally, were having the game of their lives before the shutdown.

Meanwhile, some fans think the maintenance is for nothing more than to get the game ready for the event tomorrow. However, this seems unlikely, simply because this would be a very odd time for Epic Games to pop-in for some maintenance. It is peak hours after all, and if you were going to take the servers down for this reason, it would be dead in the morning when less players are impacted.

As mentioned above, Fortnite's servers go down a lot, or, at least, much more than most multiplayer games. And while the servers aren't as shaky as they used to be, it's quite possible there was an issue that arose that forced Epic Games to take them off. Or it could be in anticipation of tomorrow's event. It's hard to say at this point.


Of course, we will you keep you updated on the situation, but I wouldn't plan on any more Victory Royales for tonight.

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